My name is Penny, 9 months ago I suffered severe panic and anxiety attacks. I had spoken to many people and visited many doctors regarding these concerns but go no help. Satori Self Development, was recommended to me by a friend. I was willing to try anything naturally, without medications. The moment I called they were willing to help instantly. Satori Self Development has changed my life. I can deal with a lot of difficult situations and view life like I have never seen it before.This was the best thing I could have done for myself. Now, I can live my life wihout constantly worrying and stressing about things that were never necessary


It was wonderful to work with Achim on Body Mind integration sessions for someone like me. I had a hard time dealing with procrastination on a regular basis due to overwhelm, confusion, lack of motivation and past family issues. I’m in period of my life that requires a huge motivational push. Achim helped me to first identify my priorities and then set my goals in phases that were achievable and measureable. It has truly helped me break through my inertia and over come my fears that I had no idea about in my life. I have seen changes in my sleep pattern and I am more aware of myself. I see more productivity at work, life and I have been able to move toward my goal faster and easier than ever before. I recommend all those to Achim who want to experience a positive change in their thoughts, feelings and life


I have seen Achim on a number of occasions, for smoking and personal development. I fully recommend Achim to whomever wishes to achieve and change in life. I was on the brink of giving up on life prior to meeting Achim. He established in me my true potential and the fact that I can create my life with confidence from this point onwards.


Achim helped me correct a problem which has plagued me the majority of my adult life. Friends and family have also noticed the difference in my behaviour and the results are fantastic.

Achim has done a wonderful job and I am eternally grateful.


I approached Achim with managing flashbacks and panic attacks following the death of my son. With a professional and compassionate manner in both counselling and hypnotherapy, Achim reduced these attacks after the first session. My depression has lifted, I have a calmness that I have not had for years and am motivated to move on positively in life. Achim has outstanding skills, understanding and integrity.


I am so fortunate to have stumbled across Satori Self Development!
My initial appointment with Achim was to help me deal with my anxiety. What I have taken away since that first meeting has truly changed my perspective in both my personal and professional life.

Achim uses and teaches personal development techniques that have proved invaluable to the way I approach my day. I find it very easy to work with Achim. He has a calm, pleasant and warm personality that really puts clients at ease.

I strongly recommend Satori Self Development for anyone who is facing challenges and is looking for the support and empowerment to resolve them.


Achim was such a great help in assisting me with an overeating issue built up over many years. His warm, friendly and encouraging manner made the visits a great experience.
From his work, I have been able to move away from what I have failed with for many years.


I have seen Vittoria for personal development.

Vittoria has helped me to gain an understanding of my life’s full potential, create realistic goals and guide me all the way through (hypnotherapy). In a very short time frame, I have setup my own small candle business. Every day, my business is growing and so do I.

This is the first time in my life that I enjoy and honour myself. My life has changed dramatically, at all levels.

I fully recommend Vittoria to everyone who wishes to make changes in his / her life.


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